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The sticky bonus strategy will be an exciting form of gambling which will give you many opportunities to make some big wins.  This strategy is different from my normal bonus strategy because the terms and conditions of sticky bonuses differ from those offered at normal bonus casinos.  Below I'll try to describe how a sticky bonus works then give you the best mathematical way to use sticky bonus money to your advantage.

Difference Between a Sticky Bonus and A Normal Bonus

Hopefully you've already read and been profiting from my normal bonus strategy.  If not you should use that strategy first to build up your playing bankroll.  For those who have already used the normal strategy you know that once you meet the wagering requirements you can cash-out the bonus money for a nice profit.  A sticky bonus is different in that you can never cash-out the bonus money itself, however, you can cash-out your winnings made from the bonus money.  

An example of the way a sticky bonus works is that you deposit $100 at Golden Palace and they give you $300 in bonus money so you have a starting bankroll of $400.  Lets assume you bet is all on the first hand of blackjack and win.  You would now have $800 in your account.  The wagering requirement at Golden Palace is extremely low 4x which you'll have to meet before you can cash-out your winnings using the bonus money.  So now lets assume you just make small flat bets until you meet the wagering requirement.    Once you meet the wagering requirement you request a cash-out of the full $800.  This is where a sticky bonus becomes different from a normal bonus.

At the time your cash-out is processed by the casino they will remove the $300 in bonus money.  You will now get $500 once the bonus money is removed.   Remember we're talking about a sticky bonus not a normal bonus where you can actually cash-out the bonus money.  So to summarize you get to cash-out the winnings you made using the bonus money you just can't cash-out the original bonus money itself.  

The advantage to a sticky bonus is that you start your playing session with a larger bankroll and you can make some big wins using this money.  Sticky bonuses are generally much bigger than a normal bonus.  It's not unusual to find offers such as River Belles buy $50 and get $200 free.  You'll find loads of 200% and 300% sticky bonus offers on All Casino Freebies.  The mathematically correct way to play a sticky involves some risk but as we all know with more risk comes greater rewards.  

Another reason I like sticky bonus casino is that in some cases they allow play at all games to count toward meeting the wagering requirement.  If you've played normal bonuses then you know that most will limit which games count in terms of wagering requirement.  This is why I only recommend playing blackjack and using basic strategy at normal bonus casino play.  Games such as roulette and craps which have a few 50/50 type bets are usually not allowed at normal bonus play because of the obvious fact you could keep making the 50/50 play and according to the math you should stay about even until you meet the requirement to cash-out the money.  So if you like to play other casino games a sticky bonus might be your best choose.  Just always double check the bonus terms from the casino site to make sure the game you want to play is not excluded in the bonus offers.  If they are excluded you can still play the games you just won't get credit for the wagering requirements.  

My Sticky Bonus Strategy

I actually have two different strategies for sticky bonus play.  Both work very well and have shown a profit for more and others over the past few years.  Although these are considered separate strategies they both can and should be used together under certain circumstances.  If you don't already know what a wagering requirement is or other bonus related terms you should read my normal bonus strategy first as I won't go into detail on these subjects in this strategy guide.

The strategy I use depends on a few factors.  The main factor is my reason for playing.  If I'm playing mainly to pass time and just enjoying an evening or gambling I will use strategy one.  If making a big win is my goal I go to strategy two.  You'll understand why after reading the strategies.  You won't win at all the sticky bonus casinos you play but you will have some very big wins if you use these strategies.  

Sticky Strategy One:

Recall that my normal bonus strategy requires making small bets and using basic blackjack strategy to win.  The reason is you don't have a very big starting bankroll and you want to preserve as much of it as possible so you can cash-out the bonus money.  Sticky bonuses are different since you have a larger bankroll and in most cases a lower wagering requirement you can increase your bet size and even vary your bets wagering any amount you wish.  This helps get you through the wagering requirement very quickly.  

My first strategy is that I will wager a little more per hand while meeting the wagering requirement then I would at a normal bonus casino.  As always keep track of your bets so you'll know when you've met the requirement.  Once I meet the WR I examine my bankroll to determine how much I have actually won or lost.  Remember you must subtract the bonus amount so if you have $500 in your account after meeting the wagering requirement and request a cash-out the casino will deduct the amount of the original bonus money from your cash-out.  Assuming I got a $200 bonus if I cash-out $500 i will get $300 of it which means I have made a profit of $200 ($300-$100 deposit = $200 profit).

Upon meeting the wagering requirement if my bankroll is down I will either just keep gambling and trying to get a nice win or I will revert to strategy number two.  Read this carefully...  If you try to cash-out a sticky bonus when you have less then your original bonus amount in your bankroll you will get nothing for your cash-out and loss the remaining bonus money.  For example if you deposit $100 and get $200 in sticky bonus money you'll have $300 starting bankroll.  If after meeting the wagering requirement you have $150 left in your account and try to cash-out they will still deduct the $200 bonus money which will wipe out the $150 you had in your account.  So never request a cash-out of a sticky bonus if you have less in your account then the amount of the bonus money.  

Summary of strategy one is that you will make bigger bets such as $5 - $10 per hand and then examine the situation once you meet the WR.  You can use progressive betting system or try other tactics to help build up some nice wins.  It's up to you, this strategy will give you some nice wins and you'll find sticky bonuses to be very fun to play.  Your goal is to be up when you meet the wagering requirement then cash-out the money you've won using the sticky bonus money.  If your not up you can just continue to play and enjoy your gambling experience or resort to strategy number two.

Strategy Number Two:

I won't take credit for this strategy because it has been well known for a long time.  This strategy is more risky than my other strategies but it also provides much bigger wins.  Big wins will make up for the times you bust out.  Remember while reading this strategy this is the mathematically correct way to play a sticky bonus if making a big win is your goal.  

Since the bonus money is taken from your account once you cash-out your advantage comes from being able to keep the money you make using the sticky bonus.  You'll be starting with a $300 or $400 bankroll at most sticky casinos so you have all this betting power and you can actually only lose your deposited amount.  It's important to understand this while reading this strategy.  

Examples are the easiest way to teach this strategy so I'll use them to help you understand the philosophies.  Let's assume you have deposited $100 and got a $300 bonus from Golden Palace.  You will have a starting bankroll of $400!  Remember you have only invested $100.

For this strategy you will at some point bet it all on one hand, spin, or roll depending on the games you play.  Sounds crazy right?  The reason betting it all is the correct way to play this bonus is because you will be getting good odds on your money.  Gambling is all about odds, math, and some luck.  So let's assume we bet the entire $400 bankroll on the first hand and win.  We now have $800 in our account.  Once we meet the low wagering requirement by flat betting small amounts after this big win we can cash-out.  Following is what we get once the cash-out is processed.  $800 - $300 bonus money (remember sticky bonus money is taken back) equals $500 which is what we will get for the withdrawal.  We had invested $100 of deposited money so our total profit would be $400.  

What if in the situation above we had lost our all bet instead of winning?  Obviously our account would be at $0.00 and we'd be broke.  The important thing to understand is that we would have only lost our $100 deposit.  Not that $100 is not a good amount of money, it certainly is and it hurts to lose but using this strategy against sticky bonus casino you only have to win roughly 1 out of 3 casinos to show a profit.  Imagine the profit if you won 2 out of 3 or even 3 out of 3.  You're getting in this example 4-1 odds on your money.  Risking $100 to win $400.    

This is the strategy used by a lot of experienced online gamblers.  Sounds very risky at first but once you understand the math involved you'll realize this is usually the correct way to play sticky casinos if you have enough bankroll to withstand a few losses.   This is why I recommend using my normal bonus strategy first to build up a bankroll big enough to deal with the variance in playing sticky casinos.  

Final Note:

You won't win all the sticky casinos you play but the good thing is when you do win it usually more then makes up for the loses.  If you use the all in bet strategy you'll need to play games which offer nearly even odds on any given hand.  Bets such as picking red or black on one spin of roulette or the pass line bet at craps offer nearly 50/50 odds.  Some sticky casinos will allow these games while others exclude such games from bonus offers.  Blackjack is my game of choice and I often use it since the odds against you are small for one hand around 49% odds of winning for the player, 51% for the house on one random hand.  

One other type of bonus is what's known as partially sticky.  These are great casinos to play because even though you can't cash-out the bonus money it stays in your account after a withdraw so you can continue to win with money.  I'm currently working on some partially sticky casinos to get you some special offers.  For now you can visit The Phoenician Casino.  They have great bonus terms and instant pay-outs.

I have prepared a Sticky Bonus Top Ten List to help you find the best bonus offers and casinos to play.  You can also find many sticky bonus offers on my All Casinos List.  Since a great number of casinos are using the sticky bonus system it's important to have a strategy against these even you don't like my strategies I suggest you always have a game plan when you gamble.  Know when to take a profit.   As the old song goes, 'you gotta know when to hold 'em and know when to fold ' em.  Thanks again for your support of All Casino Freebies.

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