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The strategy guide will teach you a step by step method to cash-out online casino bonus money.  The system I'll teach you has proven succesful in over 85% of my playing sessions and others who have used this site also report similar results.  It works, all you need to be a winner with this system is a small amount of patience and the discipline to take your profit and cash-out after meeting the requirements to withdraw the bonus money. Once you cash-out you can move on and take advantage of another casino using this strategy. Depending on how fast you read and comprehend it shouldn't take more than 5 - 10 minutes to learn this simple system so read on...

General Things You Need To Know About Bonus Offers

Every casino which offers bonus money be it a normal matching bonus (ie you deposit $100 and they give you a matching bonus of $100) or a no deposit bonus (free money with no deposit needed) has it's own terms and conditions concerning the bonus money. You must read and understand these conditions before depositing money. Almost all casinos use a wagering requirement on the bonus money. Wagering requirements vary from each casino and is usually somewhere between 8 to 20 times the amount of the bonus and/or the deposit.
Some casinos limit which games you can play to meet the wagering requirement. For example some casino won't allow play at the craps table to count toward meeting the bonus conditions. In terms of using this system you will be playing blackjack to meet the wager requirements. Again you should always check the terms and condition to make sure play at blackjack is allowed to meet the requirements. My Top Ten List and the All Casinos List make it easy to find playable casinos.  The list tells you if blackjack is allowed and also what the wagering requirement is amoung other important facts.
One other type of bonus I should mention is what's known as a 'sticky bonus'. Sticky bonus money can never be cashed-out even after meeting the wagering requirements. You can still win playing with a sticky bonus but you will have to modify your strategy. Here's an example of how a sticky bonus works. You deposit $100 and the casino gives you a $200 bonus therefore you have a starting balance of $300 in your casino account. Lets assume after meeting the wagering requirement you have $500 in your account. If you cash-out the $500 the bonus money will be deducted from this amount so you will get $300. Remember, the bonus money at casinos who use sticky bonuses can never be cashed-out but you can withdraw the winnings you made with the bonus money. The catch is if you try to cash-out when your account is less than the amount of the sticky bonus you will loss your deposited money. I suggest playing the normal bonus casinos first before playing the sticky bonuses because the strategy to beat the sticky bonus casinos is based on the basics of the strategy you're reading now. This is why you should first learn to play this system then you can move on to my Sticky Bonus Strategy.

Getting Started With The System
Ok this is where the fun starts. Remember I said this system is based on mathematical facts so I consider this more of an investment system rather than a gambling system. You'll actually have the odds in your favor to win money so you have a positive expected return on your money with this system whereas in a true gambling system you would have a long term negative expected return.

The reason is you will only play one casino game and that game is Blackjack. Why? Remember your goal is to meet the wagering requirements and cash-out the bonus money for a profit. The casino or house has an advantage in all games even blackjack. The key here is the advantage they have at blackjack is small and in most cases this advantage isn't enough to make you lose the bonus money before meeting the wagering requirements if you follow my simple system. Now if you really want to 'gamble' you could play keno which gives the casino about a 25% edge which means you can expect to lose $25 for every $100 in bets you make. Not very good and you would never meet any wagering requirements playing such a game without a great deal of luck.
Online blackjack has a house edge from 0.10% to 0.52%. What this means is for example you deposit $100 and get a $100 match bonus with a 10x wagering requirement you would have to make $1,000 in wagers (bets) before you could cash-out the bonus ($100 x 10 =$1000). Making $1,000 in wagers is not as hard and doesn't take as long as you might think since all your bets count win or lose. You have to consider the speed of online gambling, i.e no dealers, no cards to shuffle, and your double downs, splits etc. all help meet the wagering requirements in a decent amount of time. Now back to my example lets assume the casino has a house edge of .40% if you use the Strategy Cards found on All Casino Freebies and make small bets your profit should be as follows: $100 deposit + $100 bonus money = $200 total starting money. Your wagering requirement is $1000. Therefore $1000 x 0.40% house edge equals an expected total loss of $4.00. You should have $196 left in your account after meeting the wagering requirement for a total profit of $96! Realizing of course it's not always this cut and dry you could be up or down a little more or less but if you use correct basic strategy you shouldn't vary far from the expected profit.

Since the best bonus offers are for your initial deposit to the casino I suggest you try to get the maximum bonus amount you can afford so you don't waste any of the bonus offers. For example if a casino offers a 100% matching bonus up-to $200 then you would be wasting $100 of the bonus money if you only deposit $100. So always try to get the most out of each bonus. Just play the one you can afford and as your winnings add up you can move on to the bigger bonuses.

One more topic before you learn the step by step strategy. You'll need a dependable way to deposit and cash-out your money. Some credit cards won't allow you to transfer money to online gambling sites. I suggest using an online account such as Neteller and/or Firepay to speed up the deposit and withdrawal process.  Most online casinos also offer extra bonus money for deposit made via these type of methods.
Step By Step How To Use The System

Step One:Read And Understand The Terms And Conditions Of The Bonus Offer. Not all bonus offers are the same. As mentioned about some bonus offers are called 'sticky' bonuses and the bonus money can never be cashed-out. Normal bonus money can be cashed-out after meeting the wagering requirements. Always read the terms and condition found on the casino site to determine what type of bonus they offer. I have attempted to make this easy with the various casino list on my site including my personal Top Ten List .
Step Two:  Use The Strategy Cards And Play Each Hand Exactly As The Cards Suggest. Basic blackjack strategy was developed using computer simulation of millions of blackjack hands to give the player the best odds for winning any given hand. Basic strategy has been proven over and over again and you should never vary from it if you use this system. Basic strategy is the key to keeping the house odds low and allowing you to win the bonus money by giving you the odds to play near even with the house. Average gamblers who don't use basic strategy raise the casinos blackjack edge to between 5% - 10% simply because they make mistakes in using the correct basic strategy.  The Strategy Cards Page has printable strategy cards for all online casinos. Just use my casino list and match the casino to the correct strategy by the type of software they use. Again it's all listed on my All Casinos List and/or my Top Ten Casinos page.
Step Three:  Make Small Wagers Until You Meet The Wagering Requirements. This is very important because you don't want to risk going broke before you meet the requirements. Most casinos offer $1 or $2 minimum bets. My total account bankroll for the casino determines my betting unit. For example if I deposit $100 and get a $100 bonus I have $200 in the account and I will bet $2 - $3 per hand until I meet the wagering requirements. This will help you get through any hot streaks by the dealer because you won't be losing any substantial amount of your bankroll. Don't vary your bet's by raising your betting amount this brings in more risk and will cost you in the long run. By making small bets and playing the correct basic strategy you will be able to play near even with the house until you meet the wagering requirement.

Step Four:  Keep Track Of Your Wagers. Once you have made your deposit and get the bonus money you need to figure out exactly how much the wagering requirement is. For example if it's 10x or $1,000 then you will need to know when you have met these requirements so you can cash-out. You can use any method you find best. I currently use the ol' pen and paper method. After each hand I note how much I bet and keep a running count throughout the process. Some people use hand clickers or number counters you can pick up at Wal-Mart for $5 bucks or so. All bets, win or lose including double downs and splits count toward meeting the WR. It's a good idea to play a little past the wagering requirement so you won't be labeled an advantage player. Most online casinos will continue to send you bonus offers via email so you want to keep your tatics a secret from the casino. Advantage players are people who use systems to beat the casino. So hopefully you'll be an advantage player but the casino's won't know! You'll still get paid your winnings but the casino won't offer you anymore bonuses if they think you can beat them.

Step Five:  Cash-out Your Winnings! It doesn't matter how good the system is if you don't take your profits and move on to another casino. Never lose sight of your goal which is to win the bonus the money. Once you have accomplished this you should take a profit out. I'm not going to tell you how to manage your money but I suggest you withdrawal your deposit and atleast half the bonus money. You can continue to play with the rest if you wish. Personally I always like to cash-out my deposit amount + bonus amount and play with what's left to try and win more. If there is nothing left I simply cash it all out and move on. This is just my method you may discover a better money management method. Note if you cash-out before meeting the wager requirements most casino consider you first losses as you own money and not the bonus money therefore if you deposit $100 and get $100 bonus then lose a few hands and your account balance shows $175 and you cash-out you will be credited with $75 not the $100 you deposited because you have lost $25. Of course if you cash-out $175 after meeting the wagering requirements you will get the full $175!
There a few Risk Free casino's such as Intercasino which will let you withdraw your deposit amount even if you lose the bonus money so if you have a $100 deposit + $100 bonus for $200 and you decide to cash-out when you have $150 in your account before meeting the wagering requirement you can cash-out your original $100 but not the $50 remaining bonus money. Intercasino is one of the few online casinos which offers a matching bonus every month not just for your initial deposit. The unfinished wagering requirement will carry over to your next months bonus which means for the Intercasino monthly bonus you will have a higher wagering requirement the next month. (ie, your WR will be your current month + what's you had left to complete for the previous month) A great place to play risk free.
Putting It All Together

1. Read and Understand The Bonus Terms and Conditions From The Casino Site.

2. Only Play Blackjack and Use The Basic Strategy Cards to keep the odds of winning in your favor.

3. Make Small Wagers until you meet the wagering requirement to cash-out the bonus money.

4. Keep Track Of Your Bets so you'll know when you meet the wagering requirement.  I suggest playing a little past the wagering requirement so you won't be labled and advantage player and will continue to get more bonus offers.

5.  Take Your Profits.  This is the goal, you should lock-in your wins and withdrawl some of the money then move on to another casino to take advantage of more bonus money.
I have created  my Top Ten Casinos List to help you find the best casinos to beat using this system.  I have personally played all these casinos and myself along with other members of this site have had tremendous success against the Top Ten Casinos.  I strongly recommend all the casinos on the Top Ten.  

I have also prepared a couple of special pages to help you with the system.  The Step by Step page will guide you through the process of playing your first few casinos.  I give you three different casinos to choose from and walk you through the simple process of playing each.  All three of these casinos are also on my Top Ten List.  

The next special page is the Strategy Cards page.  This page contains all the basic strategy cards you'll ever need to improve your odds against online casinos.  You'll also find the most used strategy card on the Top Ten page.  To use the strategy cards just match the casino you which to play with the correct strategy card.  My Top Ten page has a strategy card included for all the casinos in the top ten.
I suggest starting with my Top Ten Casinos then moving on to my All Bonus Casinos link to find other bonus offers to take advantage of with my system. I try to give as much information as possible for all the casinos listed on my site such as; max bonus offers, wagering requirements, software provider and let you know if blackjack is allowed to meet the requirements to cash-out the bonus money.  

Final Note:  You should now have enough information to start using and profiting from my system.  I know this system works as it has been very profitable for me and others over the past few years.  I'm sure if you try it you will agree with how well this works against the online casinos.  I'm confident you'll also find this site a valuable resource in your online gaming experience.

It takes a lot of work and a fair amount of money to operate this site so again I ask if you find this information useful please use my links to visit the casinos you decide to beat.  Also join my free players forum, this is a new feature just added so currently you won't find a lot of information there but I have developed a loyal following so I'm sure in the very near future the forum will be a valuable resource for all of us in our quest to crush the online casinos.  

Please bookmark now and don't forget to tell your friends about All Casino Freebies.com.  Thanks for you support and enjoy the money you make with this system.
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