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My Low Limit Poker Strategy

My poker strategy isn't about cashing-out bonus money like my casino bonus strategy or any other way to take advantage of an online poker room.  It's more about taking advantage of thousands of new and weak players who have been attracted to online poker since it's explosive growth began a few years ago.  

Almost all lower limit poker games found on the Internet are 'loose' games.  Loose meaning weak or new players in the game see a lot of flops and chase hoping to make a winning hand.  For example it's common in a loose ten handed game to have 6 pre-flop callers and still have four or
five players staying in the hand all the way to the river.   This strategy will teach you how to take advantage of the 'loose' games and will without a doubt help you build a large poker bankroll.  

Low Limit refers to the cost of the blinds to play each round.  I consider any online poker game with blinds in the following ranges to be low limit and you can use this strategy to successfully beat these games.  $1 - $2 / $2-$4 / $3-$6.  Any blind levels above these in a cash game will usually have better players and require more advance poker strategy.  Levels below these are called micro level poker and this strategy will work well there also.  For new players micro level or small buy in sit n go tournaments are good places to start just to get a feel for online poker.

The correct way to beat a loose poker game is by playing tight
and aggressive.  Since most of the other players will be seeing almost every flop no matter what their hole cards are, you will have a huge advantage by sitting back and waiting for good hole cards.  Doing this will save you money since you won't be paying the blinds on every hand to see the flop.  These saved bets will later be used to extract more money from you competitors when you have the best hand.

I'd like to define what a good starting hand is in a loose poker game.  I consider big pairs and 2 cards which play well together as good starting hands in all poker games but especially in a loose game.  I'll first discuss how to play big pairs.  You want big pairs such as A,A, Q,Q all the way down to a pair of 9's.  Pairs lower then 9's become questionable hands in a loose game because you will mostly likely be seeing the flop with more than a couple callers and the weak players will  play hands such as 7, 10 suited which would have you in trouble if the flop came as 4,8,10.  The way to play big pairs is to come in with a raise and see how many callers you get.  If it's a low- limit game you won't be able to raise enough in most cases to get the loose players to fold so your raise won't give you much information about what types of hands your callers might be holding.  Since your starting hand will probably be better then most of the other players at the table your raise will help build the pot for future action in the hand and hopefully eliminate some of the would be callers to increase your odds of winning the hand.  Why do you want players to fold to your pre-flop raise?  The answer is in a loose game you almost always get a caller or two who will stay in the hand all the way to the river but you really don't want anymore callers than this because then the weak players will 'suck out' on you and make a hand to beat your strong starting hand because you let them stay in the hand at a cheap price.  No limit poker is different in that if you make a hefty pre-flop raise and someone or more than one person calls your raise then you'll have to give the caller credit for a good starting hand and play the hand accordingly.  It's is common in online no limit poker to be all-in and get callers with weak hands such as a pair of 2's.  

The other type of hands you'll be playing in low limit loose games are cards that play well together.  This means suited connectors such as 3-spades, 4-spades or cards which could make you the nut strait or flush.  J,10 is an example of a starting hand with potential to make a nut strait and Ace-spade, 8-spades gives you the potential to make the nut Ace high flush.  The correct way to play these hands is to see the flop if the pot hasn't already been raised and if you hit a good flop you can continue to play the hand but if the flop doesn't help your hand then you should quickly fold to any bets and save money for a better situation.  For example a good flop for Ace - spade, 8-spade would be a flop containing at least two more spades which would give you a decent chance to make your flush draw on the turn or river.  A bad flop would be Ace,King,Ten even-though you paired your Ace you would have a small kicker in the 8 and in a loose game you will have 4 or 5 other players in the hand and a good possibility that one of those players will have an Ace with a better kicker.  Even worse then that is the strait draw on the board.  You will be bucking bad odds to stay in this hand if the betting gets crazy.   Being able to fold these types of hands if you sense you don't have the best hand is what makes a good poker player.  The way to play these types of hands is to 'limp' in the hand for the minimum bet because you want as many callers as possible in case you hit the flop.  Playing a hand such the 3-4spades will make you a lot of money when you hit the flop because it will be hard for the other players to think you have such a hand when they will be expecting you to have big cards in your hand such as Ace - 8 off-suit.  These hands are what I call sometimes hand.  The reason is you don't want to play everytime you have a hand like 3-4spades because most of the time you will miss the flop and have to fold but it's correct to see the flop with these hands some of the time.  

So my strategy to beat loose online poker games is very simple and it works extremely well.  There are thousands of people who use this strategy everyday and at the end of most days they show a profit for their intelligent in game theory and their patient to wait for good starting hands.  Your goal at low limit poker is to 'grind out a profit'.  This means you'll be playing fewer hands then most and when you do play a hand you will have good odds to win the hand since you are being selective with your starting hands.  Doing so will keep your bankroll from fluctuating up and down like a yoyo.  Weak players watch their poker bankroll go up when they catch a few good cards then slowly go back down because they continue to see the flop hand after hand and call bets when they really have no chance to win the hand.  This fluctation in bankroll finally catches up to them and they go broke.  

If you'll learn the concepts of this strategy and apply them at lower limit online poker you won't have to worry to much about going broke.  There are so many bad players online you just have to sit back and wait for the right opportunities.  In doing so you soon have a big stack of chips setting in front of you.  
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